Updating a query in ms access online dating 100k

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Updating a query in ms access

When sub-query is used in the FROM clause, it can be viewed as selecting data from a virtual table because the result set of the sub-query is temporarily stored in memory and then used by the outer query as a table.The query below is the inner query we just saw which shows a list of distinct values in the Reports To column.It turns out that Access Jet Engine does not support count(distinct xxx) syntax, which is supported by all major DBMS systems such as SQL Server, Oracle, My SQL, etc.

If you're not familiar with writing queries in SQL View, practice makes perfect, especially if you are an Access VBA programmer.

Access database tutorials may give you the jump start you need.

We have created over 200 programming examples from nearly all aspects of Access database development including: VBA/visual basic examples, form samples, report coding & table design, and SQL query coding recommendations.

In this case, I normally let the Design View create the join syntax, then I switch to SQL View and copy the SQL to VBA for further manipulation and development. Copyright© Geeks No portion may be reproduced without my written permission.

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Our Access templates section highlights a few dozen of these databases showing a broad mixture of techniques and topics.